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Darby’s Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing the joy of the performing arts to as many children and adults with special needs as possible.

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Join the Darby’s Dancers (DD) movement today for renewed strength, optimism, and perseverance for all!

The DD movement is our response to the world events we have all felt in one way or another. In this time of need and self-reflection, we are coming out stronger, more optimistic and with more tools to provide a greater sense of perseverance for all our dancers, studio members, and communities. Learn more about our redesigned program offerings today.

Darby’s Dancers’ youth volunteer program provides teens with the understanding and importance of life-long skill-sets in responsibility and leadership while developing genuine friendships and mentor-ships through providing one-on-one assistance to each of Darby’s dancers.

Darby’s Dancers gain confidence, coordination, strength, and lifelong friends, all while feeling like a star.

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We welcome all dancers, big and small, to join our membership. 

An inclusive membership that benefits all to gain confidence, coordination, strength, and lifelong friendships.

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Studio Memberships

Join the Darby’s Dancers (DD) studios movement today!

Dance Studios and Owners are the lifeblood of our organization and make it possible to keep the mission alive..

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Join today for members only Darby’s Dancers Resources & benefits.

As a member of Darby’s Dancers, you can shop here to find apparel, dance routines, support groups and more!

Darby Does it Better

Darby Emma Jones (1999-2013) was born to Patrick and Valerie Jones of Huntsville, Alabama. Born with Down syndrome, a heart defect and leukemia, Darby lived a life full of passion, kindness, bravery, optimism, perseverance and loyalty.

Darby never met a person she did not like. She saw no differences in people regardless of their age, race, appearance, or disability. She was an avid dancer, musician, reader and writer. And Darby LOVED to dance!

She never had a bad day, despite her challenges. Darby’s life was short in duration but packed with a passion for living, loving and making others happy. Her dancing represented the job she felt in her heart and the impact she made on people of all ages continues today.

Darby’s Dancers was created to carry on Darby’s beautiful legacy and bring joy to as many children with special needs as possible.

Darby’s infectious smile and twinkling eyes are shining down from Heaven as she spreads her seeds of love and joy to all our future stars!

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Revolution PULL-ON SKIRT

Revolution Dance has a wonderful line of sensory friendly dance wear that would be great for our students.  These dance wear items and costumes have been thoroughly tested and are specifically designed to be worn by children who have sensory issues.  Most of our dancers fall in this category and we need to be mindful of their needs when we are choosing dance attire for them. This will make for a happier dancer who is comfortable (and cute!).

"Our goal is to give every child the tools to discover all that dance has to offer."


New Horizons for 2023

The team at Darby’s Dancers National in Hunsville, AL have been working hard to streamline the process of starting and maintaining a Darby’s Dancers chapter

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Dancing FOR Darby

Darby’s Dancers has come full circle since its beginnings in 2014. Darby Jones, our beloved figurehead of Darby’s Dancers, started her dancing and performing career

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