Darby’s Dancers National provides our members and families across our network a way to communicate with each other and with the National Team through a variety of support groups designed specifically for their needs. In this section of the Resource Center, you will find the schedule for the various support group meetings and information on how to access those meetings.

The three areas of support are specific for certain populations only:

Parent Support Groups: for parents of participating dancers in our program only.
Teacher Support Groups: for studio owners and teachers only.
Volunteer Support Groups: for the teenage volunteers that work specifically with our dancers only.

Most groups will be led and facilitated by Valerie Jones, who is a professional and certified counselor with her expertise being in working with families of children with special needs. She is also the mother of a child with special needs and has dedicated her life to working with children with disabilities. Formerly a special education teacher and school counselor, she has led many groups with school aged children and she looks forward to getting to know everyone on a personal level.

See the next section for the schedule and times for our support groups.  Check frequently for updates.

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